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#610 : Renaissance

Les résultats des examens sont attendus et Alex veut organiser une fête pour célébrer la fin du lycée, une soirée que personne ne pourra oublier.
L'avenir de chacun d'entre eux est sur une balance. De son côté, Franky a du mal à affronter son passé et le groupe est toujours sous le choc de la mort de Grace. Le temps leur est compté s'ils souhaitent faire les choses correctement. 

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Lundi 26.03.2012 à 00:00

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Ecrit par : Georgia Lester
Réalisé par : Ben Caron


Season 6 episode 10

Script VO



LIV: Grace wouldn't be dead if you hadn't been fucking over Matty and every other boy you get your hands on.

MINI: What about little bummer boy?

LIV: He's away.

MINI: Oh, so now you're back in my life. Is that how it works?

FRANKY: We'll go places with your baby, Mini, and then she'll know how much you love her.

MINI: You can't fix yourself by fixing this.

MATTY: I came back for her, Nick.

NICK: You were dumped fucking months ago.

MATTY: I'm not the one who got it all wrong, little brother.


RICH: You're going to be an auntie, Gracie.


* * * * * * * * * * * Opening credits * * * * * * * * * *



FRANKY: Dad. Dad!

She goes in her room. She digs in a box and takes her adoption’s papers.

FRANKY’S FATHER: Franky, you’re home, darling?

She runs out by the window. She hitchhikes on a street. A truck takes her.



LIV, reading a book to Mini: “The weather's about to turn and all the bronzed babes are gagging to hit the beach. Summer's round the corner. Here's Heat's top tips to help you sizzle in the sunshine. Better get out there quick. Won't last long.” Hear that, Mins? You've got to get better. Before the rain comes.



FRANKY, taking a cigarette: Do you mind?

DRIVER: Not if you roll me one too. You didn't choose a great night to run away.

FRANKY: I didn't exactly plan it, did I?

DRIVER: No point in planning anything, if you ask me.


DRIVER: Everything happens for a reason, in my opinion.

FRANKY: Sounds like hippy bullshit, in my opinion.

DRIVER: So, where you running to? Is there someone out there?

FRANKY: No, there's not.

DRIVER: I bet there is, cause there's always a silver lining.



Nick tries to call Franky but she doesn’t answer.

FRANKY’S ANSWERING MACHINE: “This is Franky. I'm not here right now. Leave me a message and I'll call you back.”

NICK: She's in trouble.

MATTY: Yeah. So what we’re going to do about it?

NICK: We aren't going to do anything. She's my girlfriend. Matty, she's been into me for months. You can't change that.

MATTY: She's been fucking you for months. There's a difference.

NICK: Back off, Matty.

MATTY: Not until she's told me.

NICK: Told you what?

MATTY: That she doesn't love me.

NICK: Fine. We'll go and find her.

MATTY: How exactly?

Nick shows his phone to his brother.

MATTY: You can track her?

NICK: I registered her phone to my account.


He stands up and leaves Nick.

NICK: Where are you going?

MATTY: Birmingham.

NICK: What?

Matty is on the street, he steals a car. Nick follows him.



A woman throws her trashes behind her house. When she sees Franky, she avoids her but the young girl calls her.

FRANKY: You're Mavis Williams. I'm Franky Fitzgerald. I was adopted five years ago. You were my social worker.

MAVIS: I don't remember you.

FRANKY: Yes, you do. I'm looking for my mum.

They come inside the house.

FRANKY: You know, I hated it when you visited. My foster parents would spend hours ripping all the knots out of my hair and filling it with sparkly bows to try and make me look happy.

MAVIS: You were so pretty.

FRANKY: Are you going to help me find my mum?

MAVIS: It's against the rules.

FRANKY: Fuck the rules.

Mavis stands up and goes seat next Franky’s.

FRANKY: You loved me and then you just fucked off.

MAVIS: They reassigned me. I had no choice.

FRANKY: You owe me.

MAVIS: If I had kept anything in my files to make sure to make sure you'd be all right, I couldn't be the one to show you. I have to go to the bathroom. My bladder. It isn't what it was.

She stands up and goes to the bathroom. Franky begins to search something in the drawers.She finds an address.



LIV: There's a glittery gold dress here with your name written all over it. It's low cut to suit your new rack.

Alo comes in the room.

ALO: Hey! Um…

LIV: Shelley called me.

ALO: OK, cool. Coolio. Cool beans.

LIV: Big shopping list?

ALO: Yeah.

LIV: How am I meant to apologise when she won't even talk to me?

ALO: Probably best just to wait for a bit really.

LIV: Tell her I was here, and that I hope she feels better.

ALO: Yeah, I will.

She stands up and leaves the room.



It’s night. Franky knocks on the door. Nobody answers so she climbs the wall. She comes in the house by a window.

FRANKY: Hello?

She goes downstairs and seats at a table. She lights a candle.



Nick is driving to Birmingham. Matty is sleeping.

NICK: What the fuck are we doing?



Franky is sleeping on a table. Someone comes in the house.

WOMAN: Hello? Who's here?

FRANKY: Don't hit me.

WOMAN: Jesus. What you doing in my house?

FRANKY: It was my mum's house. Her name is Maria Townsend. Do, do you know where she is?

WOMAN: Oh, my God Oh, Christ!

FRANKY: Who are you?

WOMAN: Don't you remember me, Franky?

FRANKY: You're my sister.

Later, we see them in the kitchen. The name of the Franky’s sister is Clara Townsen.

FRANKY: Well, do you remember me?

CLARA: I came home from school one day, you weren't here anymore I don't really know what happened.

FRANKY: You don't know what happened?

CLARA: I was eight, Franky. I asked, later on, but she never spoke about it.

FRANKY: Well, she's going to have to speak about it now. Isn’t she?

CLARA: No, I don't think so. She's dead.

FRANKY: I'm sorry?

CLARA: Shit, I shouldn't…just she died, Franky, a while ago.

FRANKY: Why? What…

CLARA: What do you think? She had too much shit in her life. She was crap. I have to sell this house, but nobody wants it. So I come here and I sit. It reminds me not to fuck up.

Franky and Clara leaves the house. They go to see their mother.



CLARA: Do you want to come in?

Franky comes in the house.

FRANKY: Do you live here by yourself?

CLARA: Uh-huh. There's a spare bedroom through there, but it's more of a cupboard really.

FRANKY: Why didn't you come and find me?

CLARA: Why? You were adopted. You had a peachy little life going on.

FRANKY: How do you know that?

CLARA: We're better off without her. All she did was hurt people.

FRANKY: Did she hurt you too, Clara?

CLARA: Don't! OK! I don't know you.

FRANKY: Yes you do. You know me better than anyone in this world. I just don't remember, which is hardly fair.

CLARA: Fair!

FRANKY: So, I need some stuff from you. All right?

CLARA: Fine. What would you like to know? The smell of her vomit after a three day bender? Or the times I'd come home from school to find her passed out, coked off her head with my piggy bank empty? All the meaningless sorrys and shit promises? How can I help you here?

FRANKY: Maybe you should've looked after her better!

CLARA: I'm sorry. This was a mistake. Wasn't it?


CLARA: I have to go to work. Do what you want, freshen up before you go

FRANKY: Please, please.

CLARA: Let's not do this too ourselves. Neither of us can take it.

FRANKY: Clara!

Clara leaves the house. Franky washes her face. She goes outside to smoke and she sees Nick. She hides herself and calls the boy.

NICK: 'Franky?'

FRANKY: How did you find me?

NICK: 'I tracked your phone. OK? I'm sorry.’

Matty gets out of the car.

FRANKY: What's he doing here?

NICK: 'We need to decide some stuff Franks. You can't run away from this.’

FRANKY, hanging up: Fuck.

NICK & MATTY: Franky! Franky! Franky!



Franky is on the street. A truck-driver stops behind her. She opns the door. The driver is the same who took her the first time she went to Birmingham.

DRIVER: No silver lining?

Franky answers no with her head and goes in the vehicle.

DRIVER: Feeling better?

FRANKY: Yeah, I suppose. I didn't dream it all, did I?

DRIVER: In my experience girl, you've almost never dreamed it.

FRANKY: What the fuck? Why are we…Why the fuck are we here?

DRIVER: Woah, woah, calm down.

FRANKY: I never told you to bring me here!

DRIVER: Where else was I going to take you? I drive between Birmingham and Bristol. That's the deal.

FRANKY: I want to get out. Let me out.

DRIVER: Whatever it is girl, you cannot run away from it forever.

FRANKY: Yeah? Fucking watch me!

Franky jumps out the truck. She lies on the ground. The driver arrives.

DRIVER: Ah, fucking hell. What's your name?

FRANKY: Franky.

The driver takes her.



Franky arrives in Mini’s bedroom. She looks at Liv, who is sitting on a chair.

FRANKY: How is she?

LIV: Bit late for that, isn't it?

FRANKY: I really need to speak to her.

LIV: No, you need to speak to Nick and Matty. You know, the boys you've been mugging off since last summer?

FRANKY: What, so I need you permission to be here, do I?

LIV: Listen, you sarky bitch. Just because your life's fucked up, it doesn't give you the right to fuck up everyone else's.

FRANKY: I didn't ask anybody to fall in love me.

LIV: No, but you let them, didn't you Franky? And then you pissed off. As you do. Oh, give it a rest, you drama queen. You've been fucking everyone over all year.

MINI: Stop it, Liv. She's crying.

LIV: How long have you been awake?

MINI: I'm having a baby, Liv. It doesn't matter who fucks who over.

LIV: Don't you understand. Grace would still be here if she hadn't…

MINI:…Being a bitch doesn't help us.

LIV: Tell her that.

Liv, angry, leaves the room.

MINI: The moment I met you, I knew you'd be trouble.

Mini stands up and hugs Franky.

MINI: You need to sort your shit out there, Franks, before our lives change, and we're not together anymore.



Alex is walking on the street before a party. He comes back home. He passes next Liv.

ALEX: Morning, chick. What you doing home?

LIV: I'm not really home, am I?

ALEX: Hey, moody, what's up?

LIV: What am I meant to do without you? Just fuck off, Thailand. Fuck off the lady boys, and ping pong shows and full moon parties. Stay here. With me.

ALEX: I can't do that, babe.

LIV: Well, fuck off then.

She goes in her room to make her suitcase.

ALEX: Bit melodramatic.

LIV: Well I can't stay here anymore, can I?

ALEX: Where you going to go?

LIV: Fuck knows. I don't belong anywhere.

ALEX, putting himself in the suitcase: Well take me to unit with you, then. Smuggle me in.

LIV: If I go. If I get the grades. If I get a grant.

ALEX: If you grow some balls?

LIV: And what if they don't want me? I've got no best friend, no boyfriend and now, no you. That was the beautiful thing about Grace, no matter what you did, she'd always be your friend.

ALEX: Hey, hey, no tears, Malone. All right? We've still got one big blow-out and my send-offs are nothing but epic.

LIV: I can't be bothered with tonight. I'm not coming.

ALEX: What?! You can't bail. You're my date.

LIV, lying on the bed: No, Alex, I'm just a fag hag.

ALEX: You're so much more than that, Liv. You're my sexy fag bangle.

LIV, throwing the suitcase on the ground: Bastard!

Alex goes with her on the bed.

ALEX: It will be OK, Liv.

LIV: No, it won't.

ALEX: Yes, it will.

LIV: No, it won't.

ALEX: It will.

LIV: Fuck off, Alex.



Rich opens a letter. He is admitted to Bradbury College.

RICH: Oh, man. Whoo!

He starts dancing. Then, the bell rings. Rich stops the music and opens the door.

NICK: Hey, buddy, I bought you beer.

RICH: Cheers buddy. So you…

NICK: I need a favor.

He shifts and we see Matty. Then, they are in the kitchen.

RICH: You want me to harbor a known criminal?

MATTY: I'm not a criminal.

NICK: You fucking are. (to Rich). I need you to look after him, cause I fucking hate the guy, but he's got nowhere to go and Dad's getting suspicious.

RICH: I have never been more grateful to be an only child.

NICK: Please, Rich. Do it for me.

MATTY: I am here, you know.

NICK: Shut up Matty.

RICH: Yeah. Stay. My parents aren't back for a week.

NICK: Thanks, dude, I really appreciate it. Don't we, Matty?

Alo is behind the window.

ALO: Hey, hello!

RICH: Yay, Alo's here.

ALO, coming: Bitches. How are we all today? Cool. Em, I just popped in to drop your ticket off for Alex's shindig tonight. He said ours are free cos, you know, we're amazeballs. Erm, me and my wife are going to have to bail.

RICH: No, you said she was fine?

ALO: Yeah, but a pool party full of smash heads is no place for my unborn baby.

RICH: But it's our leaving party.

ALO: Yeah, but I'm not leaving though. I'm having a baby. I'm having a fucking baby! How batshit crazy is that? Nick, here's yours, plus one.

Alo gives two invitations to Nick. Matty takes one but Nick takes it back.

NICK: You're not welcome.

Matty takes again an invitation.

NICK, leaving the room and punching his brother: What, again? Fuck's sake!

MATTY: Why does he do that?

RICH: Right. Looks like it's just me and you. You want a spliff?

They go outside.

MATTY: Thanks for this. And sorry, Rich I should have stayed with her. I'm really sorry.

RICH: It's OK. Grace says it's cool.

MATTY: Grace says what?

RICH: Grace says just forget it.

MATTY: But I don't…

RICH:…She's here all the time.

He comes back home.

RICH: Fancy a beer?



Mini and Franky are watching a horror movie.


MINI: Stupid bitch shouldn't go down there…


MOVIE’S VOICE-OVER: 'Who's there? Grandpa Joe, is that you?'

MINI: Now they're going to jump her naked ass, hang her upside down and drain her blood.


MINI: Ooh, God!

FRANKY: Oh, yeah.

MINI: Oh, yeah, yeah. Well, you know, who wants a party when we can watch some well choreographed torture instead?

Alo is behind the girls.

ALO: Ladies, I've got good news. Your Fairy Gynecologist has said that you can go to the ball.

MINI: Farmboy!

ALO: For one hour. No drugs, no dancing, no blackberry shots. Just love, sweet love.

MINI: Thank you.

ALO, showing a dress: Your mum said this one was your favorite.

MINI: Aww…

ALO: But I thought, you know, just as a back-up, I'd bring this.

MINI: Yeah, that's not bad, Biggus Dickus. Are you coming, Franks?



Nick arrives at the part. He smiles after seeing Alo et Mini together. Then, he looks at Franky. Matty appears. She starts running, the two brothers follow her. He escapes in a room, but the door is locked.

FRANKY: Fucker, open!

GRACE: For Christ sakes Franky. Stop running away from it!

Franky turns back and see Grace. Franky seats next to her.

GRACE: You look like a right old disaster.

FRANKY: Tell me what to do, Gracie.

GRACE: Life's fragile, Franky, you need to stop running, or you're never really living at all. OK? Just stop being a crazy bitch. Just be Franky. Tell the truth and all will be hunky dory.

They kissed each other.

GRACE: Do it now!

Matty and Nick come in the room.

NICK: Franky?

MATTY: Franky, we need to talk to you.

FRANKY: No. Fucking stop! You want the truth, right?

NICK: Yeah, that would be good, Franks.

FRANKY, crying: I love you both. I know that I made some mistakes. Matty, you have things you need to do.

MATTY: I'm not ready.

FRANKY: You don't need me to tell you how to stop fucking up your life. And Nick you can't fix me.

NICK: I know. I can't help it, Franks. Can we not sort something out here?

FRANKY: Everything's coming to an end. And it's fucking scary. We're all going to have to leave somehow.

MATTY: Don't end it with us. Please.

FRANKY: I'm just the way for you to love each other.

Franky leaves the boys. Nick seats.

MATTY: Aren't we going after her?

NICK: Sit down, you twat. Let's get fucked.

Matty seats next his brother.

MATTY: Nick, I…

NICK: Yeah?

MATTY: Have I ever told you I love you?

NICK: Every day, mate. Every day since we were born.

Rich is sitting next to the swimming pool. He sees Grace on the other side. She goes in the water, Rich also. They kiss each other. But suddenly, Grace disappears.

Franky leaves the party. Clara is waiting for her.

CLARA: It's nice drive down here. Your dad says I should do it more often. Bit early. Didn't realize you were such lightweights in Bristol.

I just wanted to know why, why she gave me up. What is it that's wrong with me?

CLARA, embracing her sister: It's all right. Everything's going to be all right. I promise. Everything's going to be all right.

It’s morning. Alo and Rich are spliffing.

RICH: Better get back to the missus, man.

ALO: Yeah, man. I got no problem with that. No?


ALO: I think she fucking loves me. How bad can it be?

RICH: We did it, Alo. We got there. We lost our virginities fell in love and actually had a pretty damn good time. That we did.

ALO: That we did.

Nick arrives with alcohol bottles.

NICK: Breakfast?

RICH: Here's to our last night of freedom.

The girls are in the changing room.

MINI: Here we are again sitting on a rank floor, danced out, with blisters on our feet.

LIV: I thought you were only supposed to stay for one hour at this party?

MINI: I never do what I'm told.

LIV: Some things never change.

MINI: I'm fucking terrified.

LIV: It's fine, I'm terrified too. But I'm not going anywhere. I'm like shit on your stiletto.

MINI: Ah, ya bastard! Ah!

LIV: Fuck. Fucking hell.

Alex arrives upstairs.

ALEX: Yo Creevey, Minnie needs you, mate.

They help Mini to go in the car with Alo.



FRANKY: I'll come and see you soon, yeah?

CLARA: Cool.

FRANKY: Oh, and this…


FRANKY: No, I stole it. I'm sorry.

CLARA: Will you come with me? Now.


CLARA: I said something to you that wasn't true. About Mum. She was never cremated when it happened. That's not what I did. I didn't want you to have her.

FRANKY: That's OK, Clara.

CLARA: I could take you to where I put her. Where she ended up. Do you want to come?

FRANKY, to her dad: Dad?

FRANKY’S DAD: Anything, Franky. You know that.



Matty and Nick hug each other.



Franky and Clara are going to see their mother.



Before leaving the town, Alex sends a message to Liv.



Liv receives the message, she smiles. Then, we see her next to Alo, helping Mini to give birth. Rich is siting outside the room.



The two sisters come in the room. They see their mother.



Mini has a baby. Rich ears the baby’s crying and then looks at the camera.

RICH: Bye.



* * * * * * * * * * * The end * * * * * * * * * *

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